My name is Ryan Morris and I am an artist currently living in Southern California.  I have never taken an art class, yet I have been interested in the expressive arts since childhood. I attended university to become a mental health therapist, and I have developed a keen understanding of the powers of the art practice and its benefits to psychological health. Art has transformed my life as a definitive vehicle for self-expression and connection to other artistic communities. I have gravitated towards many art practices through the years inclusive of painting and tattooing; however, drawing in graphite has been one of my favorite practices. I enjoy utilizing the greyscale in my pieces to captivate the intensity and depth of my artwork for the viewer.  My drawings are created with thousands of pencil lines that I make with graphite shading pencils, working freehand, without the use of a ruler.  Every one of my pieces in production is uniquely and methodically to spark influence, conversation, and emotion in the viewer’s perception. Art is innately subjective, however, the objective approach I am presenting to the audience is one of feeling and connection. I encourage other artists to allocate their energy and time to embrace their passions and to support other artists in their endeavors in the artistic community.


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